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Our Smart Solutions

Shading Control

You can always find the ideal solution for your windows, manage curtains and blinds, achieve a balance between natural and artificial light sources, and properly maximize and harmonize lighting at home.

Surveillance Camera

Keep your home and property safe by using a connected camera to monitor what's going on indoor and outdoor along with motion detection, IR night vision and two-way talk

Climate Control

Convenient control over your home’s climate, set your AC temperature with your mobile phone, or with our touch panels, or the AC will automatically shut down if the windows are open for a certain time.


Your background music can be linked to scenes, such as dinner mode, which can play music while altering the lighting in the dining area.

Scene Control

You can select the scene on a wall panel, or a mobile phone: Wake Up, Meeting, Traveling Away, Sleeping, Movie, Dining, Romantic.


iLux makes property access to see and talk to visitors and open doors for them, secure, convenient, and economical from anywhere, at any time.

Safety & Security

Everything at home is predicated on safety and security. There are numerous methods to take care of your home by integrating various devices and functions such as sensors.

Lighting Control

Link various lighting devices, make lighting control easier by altering the brightness, light color, and color temperature in addition to turning on and off the lights.

Automatic control

Devices or functions can be coupled to create sophisticated tiny features with logic settings in a system that makes judgments and conducts the tasks automatically, reducing user interaction.

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